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POMOC is a grassroots political home for Eastern Europeans and migrants living in the UK, particularly women and LGBTQ+ people, to organise towards dignity, power and justice.


We use art and grassroots activism to spur political awareness and social change. We are a small but mighty team that favours collaboration and sharing of resources, so much of our work happens through partnerships with organisations that share our values.  Our core work covers three overlapping areas:


  • Direct Support: we provide multilingual support to Polish, Romanian, and Roma communities in the UK on how to apply for 'settled' and 'pre-settled' status. We are also developing the Community Toolkit project, which will provide support on how to access welfare, housing, and mental health services.


  • Democratic Participation: we run civic engagement and “get out the vote” campaigns to spur democratic participation in the Polish diaspora. These campaigns focus on UK local elections, EU Parliamentary elections, and Polish elections. Moreover, these campaigns have become a tool for base-building, identifying up and coming leaders, and tackling broader issues of political marginalisation and voter suppression

  • Political Education: we design political education programming that builds progressive leadership among Polish and East-European women and nonbinary people, while addressing head-on systemic issues like racism, anti-blackness and homophobia.

​Our work is powered by Unbound Philanthropy, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, the Greater London Authority, City Bridge Trust, Community Organisers Ltd, Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, and Guerrilla Foundation.



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