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Welcome to our Community Toolkit!


Are you a Polish migrant living in London or Hampshire? Do you need a little extra support in your day to day work or life? Then this space is for you.


POMOC’s Community Toolkit is a “referral network”. This means that we identify organisations, institutions and local community groups that provide free support services to Polish people.


Below, you will find culturally competent, bilingual and accessible resources on a number of topics including:

  1. Immigration advice and information on the EU Settlement Scheme

  2. Benefits, utilities, debt advice

  3. Food banks and mutual aid networks

  4. Housing, shelter, homelessness

  5. Workers rights and trade union support

  6. Support for carers and care workers

  7. Domestic violence and hate crimes

  8. Mental health and trauma support related to child birth

  9. Resources on sexual health and mental health for LGBTQIA+ communities


Every resource listed here has been vetted. Each organisation is one that we know and trust.


You can download and print out our leaflets and digital graphics directly from Google Drive:


We will continue to update this space as we identify more resources. 


If you have suggestions or have trouble accessing these services, then please email our community coordinator, Natalia Byer:

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